“Terror Stikes again”

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorised

Mumbai 13/07/2011

Blast inside car at Dadar West, Blast at a shop in Zaveri Bazaar in South Mumbai & a blast at Opera House in South Mumbai.

This is what Mr. Chidambaram said after the blasts that, there was no prior intelligence information on the attack, and no group so far has asserted responsibility for the bombings.

Mr Amitabh Bachhan also said from Delhi that he is very much upset about the blast that took place. And also mentioned that Mumbai will never slow down its space so it will gain its space asap.

Since Mumbai Police and also the other various organisation like ATS and other such org. are working together as a TEAM. I’m sure since they have identified that it was not a remote – triggered Blasts it was ammonium nitrate that was been used…So hoping that they will figure out more clues and help Mumbai to be a better place to live in…

  1. Mihir Joshi says:

    Mumbai is city which never sleeps…..people co-ordinate and understand each other.i was happy to see Mumbai on same old routines again those crowed trains,students rushing to college,people getting late for office…..youngsters going out with friends….wow Mumbai is back to life with one more scratch on the body.

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