Case Study Team Work – “SCORE”

Posted: July 19, 2011 in “Individually, we are just one drop but Together, we are an ocean.”

Hi Everyone, As some of you all requested I have finally got something to share as a Case Study on Team Work i.e related to my earlier post SCORE…

To start with today many people are confronted to many problems in their own life’s they sometime even don’t find time  for  themselves. We face challenges at various places like home, school, colleges and even in professional life. We also end up with situations where in we want some one’s involvement to solve our problems.

I remember one saying that is, “No man is an island.”  And this saying always reflects to one word that is TEAMWORK…

The word “Co – operation” if well practiced in organisation, Home, Academics etc states that Team – work is alive. Teamwork is a cooperative process that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

The Situation

A Company’s management hired new employee for their newly opened consultancy firm. All the employees are new & hence they do not know each very well. Unfortunately, the hiring process of the company is not by batch that means sometimes the company will only choose one application among the 10 applicants that will pass the examination and vice – versa. In this, the sole applicant as always needs to adjust with his/her co-employee. During this period, he/she is not assured if he/she is playing the role in developing teamwork in the company. The work or transactions happen only in computer. In this working environment, developing teamwork is less possible. All the workers are busy meeting deadlines and don’t have to relax. Because of this situation, workers are not given the time to know each other very well, although they have little communication through computer. There is less communication and as a result their might be less opportunity of performing team building effort.

The Need

It is essential for company to develop a program that will allow opening the communication line between the employees. The major problem of this company is to effectively develop or find ways in strengthening teamwork within the workplace.

The Solution

To find the best solution, the company must brought experts in team building. This expert could orient the employees on ways in strengthening teamwork this can also be done through seminars that will incorporate games in the discussion. The company can also have a once a month gathering for all the employees in different branches if possible, if not only those employee in the same office. This will serve as get to know more time for the employees. Eventually this event might help in strengthening teamwork.

Strategy – Make some plans to achieve the goal.

Clear Roles & Responsibilities – The Team members needs to define themselves with their roles to outperform to achieve organisational desired goals.

Open Communication – Each member in the team should be open to feedback & share their best practices.

Rapid Responses – If the team is facing any problems then the members should quickly react to the situation in a positive manner & reach to the conclusion of Problem solving.

Effective Leadership – Team leader should be a person who can draw out and free up the skills of all team members to attain the personal & also organisational goals.

The Result/ Benefits

The members will become committed to the success of the team and will aim to achieve the highest level. Together the team members may contribute to achieve the team’s goals.Individual employee will encourage their fellow members to achieve, contribute and learn. They will become open to discuss issues with the team members, be honest, trustworthy, supportive, and show respect to the team and to each individuals.  Lastly, all the members in the team will actively listen to the concerns and needs of their members, will value their contribution, and will express help to create an effective work environment. Team members will becoming willing to give and accept constructive criticism and provide faithful feedback.

This is how the SCORE works that is Strategy, Clear Roles & Responsibility, Open Communication, Rapid Responses & Effective Leadership.


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