Movie Review – The Expendables 2 by Siddharth B. Sethia

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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Before I head on writing more about the movie, let me be clear on one thing, that this movie is…


Only for the people who love to be raw, sweaty, and of-course BLOODY!!! 

The Expendables 2 Team
The opening of The Expendables 2 is bang bang with full of action and rough-tuff group of mercenaries on a  rescue mission, Nepal. The action pack heroes are on three fully loaded vehicles, resembling war trucks, enter with grandeur.
The film takes off immediately and you find your favorite heroes doing the impossible action plots like the running through the jungles, jumping between tanks and explosions. Many action scenes are just mind boggling… But for all those who love these action heroes doing incredible stunts thenThe Expendables 2 is the right choice for this weekend.
The story of the movie….
Stallone and Arnold – The Expendables 2
After an explosive start to the movie, Barney Ross played by Stallone and his team of Expendables that includes Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, and Liam Hemsworth are called in for a mission to pay off a debt, their mission is to retrieve some classified information from a safe in the wreckage of a plane. Martial Art Maggie played by Nan Yu comes along to help. Unfortunately, the sinister Jean Vilain played by Van Damme steals the intel – the secret location of a store of plutonium & puts it to use. The worst part of the movie is that he also kills one of the Barney’s team member and heres where the revenge begins… So the Expendables vows revenge, hopefully saving the world at the same time, And then the twist that is all the co-stars join the fun from time to time that is Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis and the TERMINATOR – Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
The Last words to say about the movie….
If you are an action freak and you love the Man of Steel, then surely you should go and give a treat to yourself watching The Expendables 2 gang presenting before you an action never seen before…My advice would be if you want to get thrilled for about 100 minutes then The Expendables 2 is a must watch. Go grab the tastiest popcorn and a chilled bottle of your favorite soft drink or you can even try it with mug of your favorite hot brew and enjoy the ride that’s called THE EXPENDABLES 2.I would rate this movie 3.5 out of 5.
Thanks for reading….

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