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Ek Tha Tiger…Action Packed Love Story… Rightly to say the promotion of Ek Tha Tiger started from SPIDERMAN, BATMAN and finally “”””SALMAN”””” Salman Khan is an individual that invites admiration and applause in any kind of film format or movie genre.

Ek Tha Tiger looked very promising prior to its release and the film does entertain you to an extent.

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The synopsis of the movie, SALMAN is Tiger, a super-heroic RAW agent who sprints, shoots and crunches bones without a glimmer of worry or sweat. Tiger is now entrusted with the task of collecting external intelligence by spying on a Trinity College Professor, who has apparently been approached by the ISI for sharing missile technology secrets. And that is where he ends up meeting his ladylove (Zoya) Katrina Kaif, the professor’s residence caretaker. Tiger introduces himself as Manish Chandra, a writer, and seeks her help in getting an appointment with the professor. And the best part is though Tiger knows that he is on a mission and he dare not fall in love, he loses his heart to Zoya, dance instructor, invites Tiger for a show and here is where you would find a twist in the story…

I don’t want to reveal the plot but the love story has a never ending action. The journey continues from Dublin to Istanbul to Havana and so on…It’s such a pleasure to see a Hindi film heroine not playing a damsel in distress that is Zoya she is also an active performer as Tiger. The action, is spectacular. There are chases on terraces, runaway trams and lots of smashed cars. It does tend to go on and on…Specially the bike ride of Salman at the Climax is just spectacular and a bit foolish too…you could just keep your heads aside and enjoy the macho show…

And mostly importantly, though Salman and Katrina deny being in a relationship in real life, their chemistry onscreen looks every bit convincing. And the duo is an absolute delight to the eyes!

Overall to say you can watch this movie definitely if you are a die-hard fan of both the stars…Overall to rate the movie, I would give it 3 out of 5.